Taboo Talks: “Uneasy subjects made easy”

Taboo Talks: “Uneasy subjects made easy”

TabooTalks are intimate public gatherings and workshops about the oppressed, the marginalized, the stigmatized, the non-binary; highlighting the potential of inquiry into:

  • Treatment of mental health conditions and addiction away from the widely accepted and subsidized approach
  • The virtuous aspects of drug use, psychedelics, and plant-medicine
  • ‘Out of the ordinary’ sexual preferences and gender diversity and its potential for a happy life
  • ‘Out of the ordinary’ family and relationship constellations and its potential for a happy life
  • Communal and self-sustaining ways of living away from capitalist economic principles

We live in a society where many everyday subjects are regarded uncomfortable and unhealthy, causing shame and misunderstanding of legitimate feelings, maintaining an economy of inclusion and exclusion through the established (mental) health sector, news gathering, educational systems and governmental institutions. Sometimes we forget we have the freedom to choose another path towards our own personal growth. TabooTalks facilitates this freedom.

The basic principles are Freedom to choose, responsibility, respect, and inquiry.

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