Our very first Taboo vid!

Postwar Video Productions

Postwar Media has donated us our great first Taboo vid!

(you gotta love Collin’s work)

“Abstinentie” is NIET de enige mogelijkheid! (“Controle” als taboe…)

Hans West -integrative addiction coaching- (zie: PraatmetHans.nl) Abstinentie is voor veel mensen met een verslaving een belangrijke stap in het herwinnen van controle over middelengebruik. Maar is het de enige weg naar ontwenning? Wanneer we kijken naar de verslavingszorg dan zien we dat de overtuigingen rond de “12-step”-aanpak (the 13-step?) steeds meer de overhand krijgen. Abstinentie …

2018/03/24 | TabooTalks about Addiction | An Introduction into Integration

Learning about responsible drug use and addiction can be important for anyone. The main questions we’ll be asking ourselves this afternoon: How does addiction ‘operate’? What is the border between substance use and ‘abuse’? Can addiction be overwon? Can we simply put a halt to the uncontrollable? Why is the uncontrollable something shameful? zie het …

Taboo Talks: “Uneasy subjects made easy”

Taboo Talks: “Uneasy subjects made easy” TabooTalks are intimate public gatherings and workshops about the oppressed, the marginalized, the stigmatized, the non-binary; highlighting the potential of inquiry into: Treatment of mental health conditions and addiction away from the widely accepted and subsidized approach The virtuous aspects of drug use, psychedelics, and plant-medicine ‘Out of the …

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