Our very first Taboo vid!

Postwar Video Productions

Postwar Media has donated us our great first Taboo vid!

(you gotta love Collin’s work)

2018/03/24 | TabooTalks about Addiction | An Introduction into Integration

Learning about responsible drug use and addiction can be important for anyone. The main questions we’ll be asking ourselves this afternoon: How does addiction ‘operate’? What is the border between substance use and ‘abuse’? Can addiction be overwon? Can we simply put a halt to the uncontrollable? Why is the uncontrollable something shameful? zie het …

Taboo Talks: “Uneasy subjects made easy”

Taboo Talks: “Uneasy subjects made easy” TabooTalks are intimate public gatherings and workshops about the oppressed, the marginalized, the stigmatized, the non-binary; highlighting the potential of inquiry into: Treatment of mental health conditions and addiction away from the widely accepted and subsidized approach The virtuous aspects of drug use, psychedelics, and plant-medicine ‘Out of the …

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